We are from different countries and stamped through different cultures.

However, we have something in common.

We love humans.

We love a multicultural society and



We had experienced far too often, that the priority is not always just

on the linguistic development of human beings,

but indeed on how to reach the finishing line before anyone else, careless and inconsiderate.


We want to join you at your individual journey,

in order that you can improve and develop most-efficiently.

We want to motivate, challenge, support

and guide you until you reached your personal goal.

With the know-how, which we can offer, your employees can benefit and improve language skills,

 you can find your way abroad on holiday,

 you can learn a foreign language while having fun, like you have always wanted.

A positive side-effect can be that your kids will start to like school more again and actually have fun at learning languages.

Neither do we fancy statistics too much, nor standardised teaching material, we adapt to your needs and use all material and methods available in an goal-oriented manner.


Your satisfaction as well as the efficiency of your language training are of greatest importance for us and guarantee individual success.

We - the Eckhardt linguistics team