Eckhardt Linguistics takes your English skills to the next level. English is the language of flying hence, it is of upmost importance to be able to communicate using the standard phraseology regarding the ICAO standards which are comprised of around 500 words, including phrases and abbreviations. For example, “confirm” is only used to indicate a question which needs confirmation as compared to plain English. Instead of using yes which can be easily misunderstood, affirm is used alternatively and negative replaces no. Regarding numbers 9 is called niner and 5 will be pronounced as fife to increase the audibility.


Our team consists of language experts as well as aviation experts who can provide you with insight and the right feedback to put you on track and reach your destination – ICAO Level 4.


Depending on your schedule, your personal goal, and your current level of English, we will set up an individual program personalized to your needs which fits, leads to success and lets you reach your personal goal in no time.



We do tailor our preparation course based on the current level of English as well as the individual need of the client. Moreover, there is the possibility to meet facetoface or online via Skype and Zoom depending on your location in a private lesson setup as well as in a group setup.


Contact us to get more information regarding available courses and set up an appointment online or at your nearest Eckhardt Linguistics Aviation English Centre.