Do you want to learn a foreign language from scratch, improve your language skills or do you simply need a translation?


Eckhardt Linguistics offers exactly what you have been looking for.


First of all, we will set up a personal evaluation meeting (available online via Skype and Zoom)

in order to be able to get to know you in person.


In this meeting we will be talking about your individual language goal as well as your expectations, experiences and preferences regarding your language training and/or your requested service.


The first meeting will be held relatively short and will lead to a personalized and sophisticated training program or a deadline including a cost proposal regarding your requested translation.


In addition, you can track your language development and adapt the frequency, the method and even the material you want to learn with at any time.

Hence, do not waste any time, set up an appointment for your placement interview right now or get your quote for your translation by contacting us.