At Eckhardt linguistics individuality means tailored language training which efficiently improves your foreign language skills and supports you reaching your personal goal.

First contact from your side is enough and we will set up a consultancy meeting with you free of charge and talk about your needs, expectations and your personal goal.


In this meeting we will together adapt to your situation, your linguistic background as well as through an analyses of what type of learner you are, we will find the perfect combination regarding teaching methods and learning material.


This choice can be adapted at any time and so if you do not feel that you have the right method, the right trainer or the right material, feel free to change that. We want you to be comfortable with your training program, because satisfaction leads to motivation and motivation leads to success.


The frequency, choice of method, intensity and continuity of your language training are important factors when we talk about efficient and effective training. The whole program is based on your possibilities, your needs, preferences and background and should challenge you but should not overwhelm you.

Through personalised language training you can literally feel your success and will have improved your language skills within several lessons.