At Eckhardt Linguistics, individuality means that tailor-made training programs bring you individually to your goal.

An initial contact by phone, email or short message is sufficient and we will arrange a free consultation with you in order to be able to frame your individual language training.


In this conversation, your situation and linguistic background will be discussed with you personally, as well as by determining the type of learning

efficient mix of training methods and teaching material.


This choice can be adapted at any time, depending on effectiveness or preference.


Accordingly, a goal is set together, which you will achieve in a time frame of your choice. Then a training plan will be designed with you, which will show you exactly where you are on your way and when you will reach your personal language goal.


The frequency, choice of methodology, intensity and continuity guarantee efficient language training and is geared towards your possibilities and needs and should challenge you, but not overwhelm it, thus maintaining motivation and enthusiasm for the language and increasing it through success.